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Enjoy the Differences

 If you have a partner who has the same taste with you, surely this is something to be grateful. You can watch music concerts, watching movies, or eat in restaurants, always together, because the equality interests and tastes earlier. However, if not all, do not be a problem. Many couples who have opposite properties, or taste that much different, but still can lead to harmonious relationships. If you’re looking for a partner, you need to know that the issue of interest or taste not the most important thing about relationships. Or in other words, not a principle matter !!

Beautiful relationship is often also build on the basis of the difference. That need to be equalized is the vision, expectations, or goals in life. If you do not have the same goals in life marriage, you can be sure your relationship will not be in line. Therefore, no need to worry if you notice a lot of differences with him /her. In essence, there are 5 different tastes or views that do not have to share you both have. Here they are.


1. Musical tastes.

Interest in pop song is the most easily recognizable. He considers your musical tastes are too feminist, because you like Paula Cole, Sarah McLachlan, or Gwen Stefani. While you do not understand what kind of songs are often heard by the him. But the difference a matter of taste and insight into music is not something that will cause conflict in relationships.

2. Intellectual taste.

One of the places where you are dating is a bookstore that provides a cafe, so both of  you can read while drink coffee. He likes to read books of political or military, while you prefer to read novels. So what? At least you both can enjoy moments of coffee while reading. What matters is if  he doesn’t  like to read, and doesn’t like  if you go to the bookstore. You also  uncomfortable to go with man who is allergic to a book.

3. Taste the friendship.

He and his gang of ex-college friends has no difference with the disposition Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson in their films. They like to joke and act silly, “stupid “, just very slapstick. While you are meeting friends and enlivened with a chat about infotainment, Desperate Housewives, or a big sale. Not necessarily you can not be disconnected with the style of him like that. It is probable that a man who likes to joke silly just wants to relieve tired, or remember the youth who would not be possible again.

4. Habits saving or spending money.

You do have to be careful when choosing a partner, do not let  him a debt that is often involved, for example. However, it should not be believed, the research shows that people who diligently save normally be interested in people who like to spend money, and vice versa.

The professor at the Wharton School of Finance and Northwestern University said that the couple savers and spenders are just another example of couples who have the opposite properties. Similarly, the silent partner and the  talkative ,  the nimble and the slow, and so on.

5. Taste appearance.

If you realize he’s dressed tastes lousy, you can make over for him. Be a personal stylist. Sure, you do not have to make drastic changes, because he would be immediately rejected. But if after all this time he doesn’t want to  change his appearance, so  let him go.

What about you? What distinguishes you with him? Just relax and enjoy the deferences.

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