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In a world where oil is a limited resource,an alternative source of transportation fuel electricity is not only a smart investment,but an inevitable one.

 Transportation is responsible for 30% of our greenhouse gas emissions and 40% of our energy. the growing environmental impact of transport systems, as well as their energy voracity, requires new approach. Mobility and transport, in particular are crucial to the achievement of  sustainability . However, the need for more sustainable, accessible and efficient urban and territorial transportation has result.
Urban land mobility network
 Electric mobility network that prioritize the necessity for clean energy transportation system in urban areas, Which are sustainable, affordable and reliable in every major and minor cities across the globe.
 Each urban area faces its own specific set of safety,  challenges, congestion, emissions, accessibility, and economic implications are only some factors that account for the mobility situation that inhabitants experience.
Possible solutions toward challenges
 For the mobility sector, electrification is the primary method of decarbonization. In accordance with the institute for transportation and development policy (ITDP) which are working to promote eight principles for environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation in cities worldwide could resolve all current challenges.
Our road map to meaningful impact
 Awareness campaigns remains an effective means of reaching out to wider audience on potential benefits of clean energy transit, this might be through media and adverts. 
Our core value outline sustainable transportation goal
 In the framework for the sustainable development goals, both cities and transport take prominent roles.
 Seven of the sustainable development goals reflects our core value which include one or more targets that address transport, both rural and urban  which are the most relevant targets for transport.
 This elevation of transport recognizes it as a key tool in reducing emissions, improving equity and reducing poverty.
Our vision
  We look forward toward goals that could result to significant change in the transport sector.
Subdue climate crisis
 Climate change is a big treat to our planet, we can act against it. we might be certain to overcome it by the use of renewable energy in transport sector.
Enhance EVs commute
 We aim to attain over 80% of electric vehicles commute in the transport sector, Being deployed in major and minor cities across africa and other parts of the world.
Decarbonize transport
   When there are more electric cars on the road than conventional cars in the road there will be a rapid reduction in emission released in the atmosphere from the transport sector.
Our approach
 Cities worldwide generate around 80% of global economic output while accounting for 65% of global energy use and 70% of man-made carbon emissions. cities resilience to climate disasters will be set, for better or worse, and a core issues of livability, which depend on intelligent settlement and transportation patterns, will be locked in. The dissemination of resource information that cordially inform, enable and promote the best practice toward the wide adoption of electric mobility in urban areas.
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