Diet ala Vegetarian or Flexitarian

 Reduce consumption of meat provides many benefits. Not only keep the bag to keep it thick, healthy body is also more secure. You do not have to be a vegetarian, chose to become flexitarian can, too. Flexitarian term refers to someone who eat more vegetables and sometimes meat, poultry, and fish.

Healthier life

Diet with only vegetables, grains, nuts are rich in fiber and vitamins run vegetarian. With this diet, they eat fewer calories and fat.  As a result, they also have a more ideal body and lower cholesterol levels in the body.  Eating less meat is a form of self protection from various diseases. National Cancer Institute in America study showed that of 500,000 people who ate 114 grams or more of red meat per day, 30 percent risk of death from various causes in 10 years.  While a smaller risk of death in people who frequently eat poultry or fish.

Know your protein needs

Adults need 10-35 percent protein of total calories per day needs. If the requirement is 2000 calories per day, then the requirement of protein per day for adults is 50-175 grams. Well, this protein also did not need you get from meat. Here’s an alternative to meet the requirement of protein intake per day:

  1.  Eggs .You can consume 6 grams of large-sized eggs to get protein intake.
  2. Milk . Drink a glass of milk to get 8 grams of protein from it.
  3. Cheese .One gram of cheese provide protein intake is more healthful than meat.
  4. Tofu. Vegetable protein from out can be healthy for your body and your wallet.

Eat no meat once a week . Try to start a healthy diet by not eating meat once a week. Make sure the dish on the dining table free of meat.  Do not worry about protein intake, you can replace it with a choice of the following recipe:

  •     Add beans in salads.
  •     Add the tofu in your dish.

Limit meat in your dish .

The portion of the protein in a serving dish meal should not be more than 85 grams. Expect more of your plate filled with vegetables and fruits.

Being flexitarian .

If not could be a vegetarian, challenge yourself to adopt flexitarian Mediterranean diet. Limiting ourselves to consume red meat and prefers fruits, vegetables, and nuts, will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and various other chronic conditions.

So, be prepared to learn to become more flexible and obtain optimal health benefits in the form of it.

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