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Crazy For Shopping

 With the proliferation of malls, people in big cities also contracted the “disease” alias sophaholic crazy shopping. This disease does not just affect women, but also men. No matter how rich executives and salaried employees who are mediocre, when it seemed the writing banner ” Sale “  in stores all eyes were so dark. Because of too many people are crazy of shopping, every weekend looking queue of vehicles that will go to malls or hypermarkets that create traffic jams.

So what can be done to control this disease? Only one, be a smart shopper. Here the tips for you.

1. Create an inventory.

Before you go crazy buying discounts goods, inventory of goods that  you already have and which ones are really needed.This inventory takes one to two weeks. It’s easy, every day when you’re choosing outfit for the office, notice what items are needed to support the appearance of unified frontier and what you can apply to goods that already exist.

2. Check thoroughly.

It is time for you to be more careful and think twice every time you buy something, for example when you are going to buy a television. Although you buy “just” a pair of shoes, thoroughly try it to check the comfortability, durability, up to whatever color of the clothes that  to be match  with that shoes. So, do not ever pay for something before you believe it  100% of goods in accordance with the requirements.

3. Make comparisons.

Once you find the item you are looking for, check the prices in shops around to get the cheapest price. It took a little time but  does not matter as long as no regrets later.

4. Buy required, not desired!

The sophaholic wasting their money because of the nature of impulsiveness. When the clothes on the mannequins look “funny” or a trendy its model, not necessarily the clothes purchased regardless of whether it will fit comfortably worn or body shape. To avoid this, each had a crush on a certain item, make sure you have the accessories that match or have the equivalent of that fit. Try any goods to be purchased and leave when it feels less comfortable. In this way, not only save money, but you’ll also get clothes that looks good to be worn.

5. Save receipts of purchase.

Do not rush to dispose of receipt or receipts of purchase. Who know  there is  newly discovered flaw in at home. Soon change with a higher quality goods with a receipt of purchase.

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