Conformity is The Art of Living

 Suppose we are more willing to use the mind in the interaction between our neighbors, so much friction  which can be solved in the life of this. The existence of “conformity” which is the main basis for a relationship, is also a tool to solve various complicated problems reply.

Take a look, a child will feel close to us when we imitate what they do well. Strange, if we do the same thing as other people who do, then felt a closeness, if we consider in  association, those who have the same habit of looking for each other often-seeking.

If we are able to develop communication through words, we will also be able to further develop communication through body language , and suitability would be more easily established. These things we do in fact have often unwittingly, when together with someone we then said: “chill out … … … … … do not need  official”

When we do  the same things as someone who made it, then just felt a familiarity, so we can sit down with the same style, as we speak with a sentence which is managed the way the mind at the same time.

Here, gestures unconsciously who also has an important role, when the brain gives the message “there is compatibility between the two of us”. Suitability, interest in all of this happened because of the sense of equality.

How to foster equality / suitability?

Start just with voice, how to speak, the sound pressure, sound velocity and  anything  words to be with her beloved words, learn all the style, the following expression on his face.

It’s weird.

However, often those who have the equation and then feel the suitability. Of course, we no need to imitate everything, – since God Almighty created us with a each unique  -, to obtain compliance. We all have a unique personality, but there are similarities in a whole, understand it, makes it easier to interact with our neighbors, interesting in an association, considering  any words  used, we must be flexible and able to read the situation so that does not just hold adjustment.

When someone is angry and yelling, do we then do the same thing?

It depends, because a friend told me this: “they are just bluffing, because if you get bullied back, then they retreated … … ..”

Of course not all can be treated so, sometimes dealing with people who get angry, we had better avoid, the key is flexibility and develop the ability to read situations, this will make us more sensitive in anticipating, make calculations nail to be developed.

When we are able to develop the ability to communicate is good and right, then the door of success and happiness will open for us, at least we can interact in a breeze.

However, in most major communication is the  response  and not the charge itself.

We may have mastered all the information and mathematics for example, but if we are unable to translate it, then that knowledge is useless. Therefore, a good teacher is able to promote conformity reply or suitability. And, most exciting of these tips are, it does not require special lessons, because we can develop it each origin are sensitive to our neighbors and the nature around us.

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