Benefits of forgiveness

 Forgivenes makes us happy, wealthy and wise.This is not lip service but also proven by my experience.

The word ” forgiveness ” is something that sounds pleasant, soothing as well as healthy, not just for those who condoned, especially for those who forgive. However, what kind of  word “forgivness”  that can give good impact as mention  above?

Surely we can feel how he  feels, if ourselves  do something mistake, and not condoned by the person concerned. Of course we  will feel very uncomfortable, especially if we need  to meet him  every day.

Apparently, people who give their apology will get more benefits compared with people who ask for forgiveness. This I felt when there was a friend who once hurt my feelings so it’s unforgivable actions. Until some time passes, every time I remember what she did to me, the anger was still  in my  heart, of course it makes me always feel uncomfortable when there is talk or anything related with my friend.

Until one day, I tried to make peace with my heart and find a way how to release my  upset or angry every time they talk about my friend. I reflect on what actually enacting so angry and upset me, I found the answer when I look at myself. I feel anger and upset makes me unhappy, always feel uneasy hold on, what’s more anger and upset it turned out has taken so much energy of  myself.

Slowly I realize and try to live with more forgiving, no longer remember my resentment. Well, it turns out after I go through this life with a heart-full by way of “forgive”. I get the healthful  benefits for myself also family and friends.

Forgiveness is  more healthful, we are no longer have to fret, anxiety and resentment which makes our soul  always feel tired. Let us be human that  easy to forgive, because there is no benefit to be upset everytime.

Our face will not  look radiant and our heart will also “forget” to sing appreciate what we have enjoyed in a brief  distinguished life but beautiful. So, let us start to forgive someone mistake proportionally.

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