Beautiful or healthy?


Apparently, the items required in this fashion could threaten your body! Holds the status of Fun Fearless Female surely make you always want to look fabulous wherever you go. But you know, that although the high heels and expensive it feels comfortable in your legs, the longer wear it, the more brittle your bones.

(The dress mustn’t hangs on the body but follow its lines. It must accompany its wearer and please a woman smiles, the dress must smile with her – Madeleine Vionnet)

Matter how good you look, as beautiful as anything you seen by everyone, they will not help if all of a sudden you are experiencing infertility due to super-tight jeans that wrap the hips, thighs, until your legs long sexy. Sounds bad, indeed. However, if you are more wise in appearance, not only amaze many people, your body can stay healthy.

Oversized Bag

Branded, big-charged, and taken to look cool everywhere. That is a consideration you to choose a large handbag, right? To the extent that you do not realize, had been wearing for days, with content that is always full! How  do you always feel that your bag can accommodate a variety of objects, of which you do not really need, to the useless ones. But you know, what actually happens to your body shape if every day a large bag filled burden in one of your shoulders?

According to Daniel A. Nugroho, AMF, physiotherapist from Eastwest Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic, body balance could be disrupted if too frequent use of one hand only to carrying a large bag every day.

“As a result of which could be caused if a person constantly carry heavy loads on one shoulder was that she could have suffered from scoliosis, the spine is not normal that the form is not straight, but curved to the side. She will be bent or slightly swollen, it is possible that permanently tilted position when walking, “said Daniel.

Tip: If you want to bring oversized bags, just carry with your hands, and not anchored in the shoulder. Yet better do not use a large bag every day.


You must be proud with sexy buttocks, and hips captivating yours. But that does not mean you should flaunt it every time, by always wearing super tight pants that cling all the time. Increasingly tight jeans you wear, the more narrow slit your skin to breathe.

According to dr. Ryan Thamrin, “The use of tight jeans in women often cause problems, such as the emergence of the fungus, vaginal discharge, itching or very disturbing.” This is thought due to the existing pile of sweat in that area can not get out very well and tend to accumulate. Just imagine if during the day you move out, the sweat that you spend will remain attached all day. Ih, dirty, right?

Advice: Get used to change pants every four hours. If your activity is not possible to replace the pants, do not use tight jeans as spend a day outdoors. After all, the pants still look stylish  intersect if combined with a blazer and shoes beautiful pump!

Oversized earrings

If the dress you wear so innocent, you must have accessory that will maximize. From large bangle, ring, until the big earrings that almost touches your shoulder! Looks fabulous really, but don’t you love  your ear? Eits, do not be mistaken for wear earrings case is trivial. Because no facts to say, the cartilage that forms the ear actually has nerve important. Just imagine, what happened to your ear, if the day should bear the heavy burden?  In addition, the ear is the nerve center of various important for health. If too often wear big earrings, these nerves may be interested. And the nerves in the ear is very influential in almost all parts of the body, you know.

Suggestion: No need to impose follow trends. If you love to wear these earrings, do not use more than two hours. Or, switch to the earrings that is not less cool with smaller size, when it was too long wearing large earrings.

Killer high heels

Surveys found that they consider far more sexy if she sustains beautiful legs in high heels. That’s where the problems arise! Because of that perception, now everywhere you go, super high-heeled shoes are always so “loyal friend”. In fact, you do not know what happened quietly at your feet, if more than two hours should be “tortured” is sustained by high heels. “When wearing high heels, your hips tilted forward, and increase the curvature of the spine.

Spine will spill backwards to correct the balance, and this causes compression on the lower back, says Mike O’Neill from the Society of Chiropodists and podiatrists, Ouch, terrible, right? So you have to be prudent in prioritizing between appearance and your health.

Suggestion: If an office environment do require that you wear high heels, when arrived at the desk, directly replace your shoes with flats shoe for sandals. This can shorten your time “tortured” with high heels. Well, when you have to go out of the office to meet clients, please wear your high heels again.

Coffee and fashion

What makes coffee shop or tea shop anywhere crowded by many people from various circles. In addition to delicious drinks, slipping one factor that makes the coffee shop and tea became the most crowded places visited by people.

Not just to relax, people flocked there for the sake of a cool image. The say that meeting at the coffee shop will make more creative ideas out!.  I do not know where  does this tatement come from. Obviously every time you see someone sitting with his laptop in a coffee or shop , what comes to your mind? Yep, classy. However, I’m sure you know the good and bad drinks are diuretics.

Suggestions: Drinks are diuretics (coffee, tea, and alcoholic beverages) that you drink, make your body remove excess fluid. So, each time been drinking fluids diuretic, the consumption of  plain water to replace the fluid that comes out. If it is not, the danger of dehydration is ready to threaten!

This fact will surprise you!

Drinking water is very good for health. However, too much consumption of mineral water too dangerous! If most of the drink, the fluid which the body was removed more and more. Poor, not just the fluid that comes out, but also minerals in the blood.

If you think that energy has two poles, positive and negative, you are wrong! Actually, that energy is neutral. Well, what do you do and feel what has the nature of positive and negative

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