7 Tips Frugality

 On the previous article I just gave you some tips how to manage your desire to shopping. Here I add some more tips on shopping so that you could save a little bit your money.


1. “Faithful” in the register.

It is important to make a grocery list before shopping. But more importantly, buy the goods that exist only on the shopping list alone!.

2. Do not buy in total lots.

Unless, you’ve got a place of “hidden” to store the goods. After all, buying in large quantities will lead to a wasteful use of family members.

3. Avoid credit cards.

Simply have one credit card only for urgent needs.

4. Minimize  watching television.

Advertising on TV is always just make you drool. So, reduce the time spent watching television. Do not also purchase goods through the telephone service or a catalog as it will only make you more and want to buy.

5. Avoid shopping with Rich’s.

Avoid shopping with a friend whose money “no glow” and shopping like the  style of the rich friends. You should try to stop the habit of buying something that is actually not really necessary and just  go along with friends. When taking children to shop, stay within your budget.

6. Always thinking practical.

When shopping, always ask yourself,  “Do I need this stuff? ” Or ” Is this important? “. If yes, you already accepted a practical and honest to yourself.

7. Arrange budget finance & Obey.

Write down all expenses so you know where your money went. The challenge is to get around the cost “entertainment” family (eating out, watching movies, on vacation) is quite large.

Another mistake when creating the budget is sure to include “urgent expenditure”, such as the cost of seeing a doctor or car repairs, annual fees, such as shopping for books / school supplies, school uniforms, as well as budgets for religious celebrations such as Idul Fitri  or Christmas. Therefore, the best way is to plan the budget since the distant days.

Congratulations frugality.

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