10 Benefits of Reading

 How many books do you read every week or every month? And how much money you are prepared to subscribe to newspapers or magazines? Good, it means you like to read because you understand the benefits of reading.

Reading, yes indeed, reading seems to never be separated from our daily life. Just see, when you wake up, we’ve been looking for a newspaper to read. We also read baliho, advertize which we see on the street while we are going to the office. In fact, while it is holiday , we still read, either newspapers, books or magazines.

The are  many benefits that can be obtained from pleasure of  reading, among others :

  1. Reading can expel the juice of anxiety, anxiety and sadness.
  2. Reading can keep the possibility of someone associated with jobless and have no activities people.
  3. Reading collapsible practice tongues to speak well, distancing speech errors.
  4. Reading to develop reasonable, enlightening the mind and clean conscience.
  5. Reading can improve knowledge and develop your memory and comprehension.
  6. By reading we can adopt  the lessons from  other people’s experiences.
  7. Finalize a person’s ability to seek and process knowledge, to study the different knowledge and its application in the real life.
  8. Reading can helps the mind to be more calm, make the heart to be more focused, and used the time for non-wasted.
  9. Add faith, especially when read religious book theme, because the book is the most sublime advice giver, driver of the greatest soul, and sent on a distinguished wise good.
  10. Reading can help us to  understand the process of occurrence of words with more detail, to capture the concepts and to understand what was behind the writing.

And, of course there are many more benefits other reading. So, let us begin to develop our habit to  read  right now !!

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