What Lies Beneath, Marcus Taylor and Tavia Sills

Tavia Sills
On season four of Fatal Attraction, What Lies Beneath is the true story of the murder of Tavia Sills by Marcus Taylor and 
Lamondre Tucker and the love story of Lamondre Tucker
and Tavia Sills. This story ends badly for Tavia.

Marcus Taylor  (a friend of Tucker's) was convicted of manslaughter, and was sentenced to 40 years, with the possibility of parole . Taylor is accused of providing the gun used to shoot Sills, and Cox says he has already admitted to detectives that he was there, and that he and Tucker had discussed the murder.

Lamondre Tucker was Tavia's boyfriend. He thought she was pregnant by him and did not want a baby. After the murder he was determined to not be the father. He had his friend took Tavia to a remote fishing spot where they forced her into the water and shot her three times. She told him, "Don't do this. I love you. Leave me. I won't say anything", but he killed her anyway. He was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death.

The show is described as Tavia goes missing after she falls for a star football player with a story of lying, cheating and killing.

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