Blood in the Bayou, Scott Thomas and Bethany Arceneaux

Bethany Arceneaux.
On season four of Fatal Attraction, Blood in the Bayou is the true story of the murder of Scott Thomas by and the love story of Scott Thomas and Bethany Arceneaux. This story ends badly for Scott Thomas.

Bethany was kidnapped from her car by her former boyfriend, Scott Thomas. Thomas took her leaving their two year old alone in the vehicle, to an abandoned house. Her family tracked them to that house and rescued her, killing Thomas.

Police failed to find Bethany when they conducted a search in the area where Thomas's car was found but failed to find the couple. Bethany's cousin shot and killed Thomas and rescued her. She had been repeatedly stabbed and was in stable condition at the hospital.

The show is described as Bethany is kidnapped in broad daylight, uncovering a tale of unbelievable treachery.

You can not write to Thomas because he is dead.

Scott Thomas

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