High-Rise Hit, Katrina Ben and Eric Somuah

Eric Somuah
On season four of Fatal Attraction, High-Rise Hit is the true story of the murder of Eric Somuah by Katrina Ben and the love story of Eric Somuah and Katrina Ben. This story ends badly for Eric Somuah.

Katrina Ben was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus twenty years. This story is very similar to that of Dionne Baugh. Shortly after having sex with Eric, she discovered he was seeing other women and she shot and killed him. The family requested the maximum sentence at her sentencing.

The show is described as a car salesman is found shot to death in his bed piecing together a sordid tale of passion, deceit and bitter jealousy. This crime was featured on Fatal Attraction and Oxygen's Snapped. According to the state, "There was evidence, moreover, that Somuah's apparently profligate relationships with other women was a source of jealousy and anger on the part of the appellant. The appellant at one point acknowledged that she and Somuah had talked about their future together. She also pointed out that, before her relationship with Somuah, she had never before been "dumped." She admitted that she became angry, vindictive, and possessive whenever Somuah turned her down for a date or failed to show up for a date after having agreed to do so."

You can write to Katrina Ben at:

Katrina Ben
Katrina Ben #00435805
Maryland Correctional Institution for Women
7943 Brock Bridge Road
Jessup, MD 20794

You can email Katrina using Jpay - you will need to select Maryland and use 00435805


In this instance, I believe Eric did little, if anything, to hide the fact that he was seeing multiple women at the same time. It is likely he was honest about the fact he was not interested in a relationship. If a man tells you this information you have two choices - accept it or decide it's not what you are looking for. Many women will say they are fine with that, but go on to believe that in time, the man will develop feelings and commit. Not every woman can accept a no strings relationship. It's important to know which woman you are or are dealing with.  Karina was a successful beautiful woman who was accustomed to getting her way in relationships and had never been broken up with. She clearly could not handle Eric's choices.

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