Hidden Homicide, Marcus Bailey and Almanita Smith

Almanita Smith
On season four of Fatal Attraction, Hidden Homicide is the true story of the murder of Almanita Smith by Marcus Bailey and the love story of Marcus Bailey and Almanita Smith. This story ends badly for Almanita Smith.

Marcus Bailey was sentenced to 50 years to life, with the possibility of parole on 02/03/63.

Marcus was convicted of killing her and placing her body in the front yard of her Columbia home where it was found by her neighbor. She had been missing for a week. He used her credit cards after strangling her. He had been demoted and forced to move into her home.

His appeal includes: Marcus Bailey appeals his murder conviction, asserting the trial court erred in (1) admitting testimony of a cadaver dog handler, (2) failing to direct a verdict in his favor, (3) admitting the testimony of an inmate without permitting defense counsel to fully cross-examine the inmate concerning his pending criminal charges, (4) admitting character evidence of Bailey, (5) refusing to suppress or strike evidence gathered pursuant to a search warrant, and (6) admitting Bailey's statement into evidence. We affirm. 1. We find no reversible error in the admission of the cadaver dog evidence.

You can write to Marcus Bailey at:

Marcus Bailey
Marcus Bailey #00356371
​Perry Correctional Institution, Q2B-0213-B
430 Oaklawn Road
Pelzer, SC 29669

You can email Marcus using Jpay - you will need to select South Carolina and use the ID  00356371





Most people leave love to chance, but one should consider things such as income and class when choosing who to date. Don't go "all in" into you have a clear picture of who someone is. Clearly Almanita looked at the circumstances of Marcus's life and thought he was a stand up guy when clearly there were red flags. Guard your heart and life.


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