Hidden Agenda, Shannon Johnson Lakiesha Truitt, Cameron Hamelin

Cameron Hamelin
On season four of Fatal Attraction, Hidden Agenda is the true story of the murder of Lakiesha Truitt, Cameron Hamelin by Shannon Johnson and the love story of Shannon Johnson and Lakiesha Truitt . This story ends badly for Lakiesha Truitt, Cameron Hamelin.

Shannon Johnson was sentenced to Death. He declined a last meal and did not appeal his sentence. Lakiesha survived the shooting only because the gun had jammed. Johnson also used a burka to remain on the run after the shooting.

The show is described as A tale of deception, jealousy and rage between friends after a series of cold-blooded attacks and twisted clues.

Shannon Johnson was executed April 20, 2012 by lethal injection in the state of Delaware. Lakiesha attempted to stop the execution with the help of friends and family.

Shannon Johnson

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