Demons of the Past, Rodney Eugene Smith and Kimberly Truesdale

Roderick Smith
On season four of Fatal Attraction, Demons of the Past is the true story of the murder of Roderick Smith by Rodney Eugene Smith and the love story of Roderick Smith and Kimberly Truesdale. This story ends badly for Roderick Smith.

Rodney Eugene Smith was sentenced to Life, with the possibility of parole.

The show is described as Roderick is gunned down outside his home with love being a concern. This story is very confusing! Their names are so similar. Kimberly dated Rodney for some time. They broke up and she started seeing Roderick, who Rodney shot and killed. She identified him to the police as the shooter.

His appeal includes: In April 2014, appellant and Truesdale broke up after an argument.  Because Smith was concerned for Truesdale’s safety, he encouraged her to come stay at his apartment which she did.  Smith and Truesdale then started dating. On  29  May  2014,  Truesdale  talked  to  appellant  on  the  phone  and  told  him  that  she  was  dating  Smith.    Appellant  became  angry  and  said  something  like,  “You  tell  that  n_____,  I  am  going to shoot him.”  Truesdale tried to calm him down, which seemed to happen. Later that day, Smith was shot and killed in the hallway outside his apartment.  Smith’s next  door  neighbor  heard  two  gunshots,  looked  out  his  window,  and  saw  someone  running  and  putting  a  gun  inside  his  pocket.    The  neighbor  then  came  out  of  his  apartment  and  saw  Smith  lying in the hallway.  The neighbor identified appellant as the man with the gun.

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