Wrecked by Love, Toni Marsha Talley and David LoKeith Worley

David LoKeith Worley
Wrecked by Love is the story of the murder of David LoKeith Worley by Toni Marsha Talley and the love story of David LoKeith Worley and Toni Marsha Talley. Neither of these true stories turns out well for David LoKeith Worley.

Toni was originally arrested for first-degree murder and released on bond. Her first trial ended with a hung jury. This case is only one of many that prompted an investigation into how death investigations are handled by the state.

Toni Marsha Talley is currently not incarcerated for this murder as the state dropped the charges midway through the trial. There is a petition regarding this case started by the family. If you live in North Carolina, consider signing it here.

Toni Marsha Talley
TV One describes this episode in Season five as A tragic car accident leaves rapper, David LoKeith Worley dead on the side of the road and a shocking discovery is made..

Toni Marsha Talley Not in custody


I feel terrible for the Worley family. This death was so badly handled, I'm not sure how they would ever get a conviction in this case. At the end of the day, the universe is always watching and Karma is taking notes. This will come back on her yet.

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