Watcher in the Night, Bruce Strachan Yamika Murphy, Debbie Sears and Ronald Wright

Yamika Murphy
Watcher in the Night is the story of the murder of Yamika Murphy, Debbie Sears and Ronald Wright by Bruce Strachan and the love story of Bruce Strachan, Jacoby Hatten and Yamika Murphy. Neither of these true stories turns out well for Yamika Murphy, Debbie Sears and Ronald Wright.

For clarity, Yamika and Bruce had broken up. They were divorcing when Yamika met Jacoby Hatten and the two started dating. He was the intended target that night, but he was not injured. Strachans motive was jealousy and his loss of control.

Bruce Strachan is convicted of and sentenced to three life sentences .He is not eligible for release.

TV One describes this episode in Season five as A late night party ends in a fatal mass shooting, revealing a crime of passion that no one could have stood in the way of.

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