The Secrets We Keep, John Brinson and Marilyn Brinson

Marilyn Brinson
In season seven of Fatal Attraction, The Secrets We Keep , is the story of the killing of Marilyn Brinson by John Brinson . The love story between John Brinson and Marilyn Brinson is compelling and tragic. There was a prolonged history of domestic violence in their relationship.

Her body has never been find. Read more here.

The show is described as, A family is thrown into turmoil after grandmother Marilyn Brinson disappears in Kansas City, Mo

You can not write to John Brinson as he passed away on February 3, 2017.

Take Away

John Brinson
Obviously, Marilyn Brinson is dead and John Brinson is serving Life Sentence but there's more to learn. There is no shame in finding yourself in an abusive relationship as abusers know how to maniulate and control others. If you are being abused, get help and learn how to live alone. Your life could depend on it.

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