The Boy Is Mine, Kalila Taylor and Curtisha Morning

Curtisha Morning
In season three, episode 7, we see The Boy Is Mine, the true story of the murder of Curtisha by KalilaTaylor. and the love story of Carl Brown and Curtisha Morning which doesn't end well for Curtisha.

This show is described as Curtisha vanishes into thin air after finding love with Carl; a dark secret may prove to be the motive for murder.

These girls had been friends, close friends for some time. Carl Brown had dated Kalila first and the two shared a child, Carl Brown Jr. After they were broken up, he dated Curtisha. Kalila and Carl had been apart for some time. There was overwhelming DNA evidence found indicating her guilt. Her family insists she is innocent and her path to justice is long and twisted. She was deemed too mentally ill to stand trial at one point and won an appeal based on faulty jury instructions. Kalila was convicted at her second trial. 

Kalila Taylor was sentenced to 25 to life and is eligible for release 2037.

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You can write to Kalila Taylor at:

Kalila Taylor
Kalila Taylor 99G1373
Albion Correctional Facility
3595 State School Road
Albion, New York 14411-9399

You can email Kalila using Jpay - you will need to select New York and use the ID 99G1373

Take Away

While you are certainly free to date whoever you like, at the very least it's messy to date a friend's ex. People do tend to have the expectation that it's wrong to date the ex, especially of a close friend. Romantic partners tend to come and go, but friendship remains. It's highly unlikely a romantic relationship would be worth the loss of a friend.

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