Sex, Drugs and Murder, Kizzie Shanika Styles Monroe Z. Finley, Anntwenette Jones

Monroe Z. Finley
On season four of Fatal Attraction, Sex, Drugs and Murder is the true story of the murder of Monroe Z. Finley, Anntwenette Jones by Kizzie Shanika Styles and the love story of Monroe Z. Finley and Anntwenette Jones. This story ends badly for Monroe Z. Finley, Anntwenette Jones.

June Finley, Monroe's mother
Kizzie Shanika Styles was sentenced to Life, without the possibility of parole int he state of
Florida .

The show is described as Soul mates bound together followed by a gunfire attack, killing one and injuring the other. Kizzie was found guilty of the murder of Monroe, but not guilty of the attempted murder of  Anntwenette Jones (likely only because of a lack of evidence). She committed the murder after consuming alcohol and was allegedly angry because Monroe repeatedly rejected her advances towards him. 

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Kizzie Shanika Styles
Kizzie Shanika Styles 156715
Lowell Annex
11120 NW Gainesville Rd.
Ocala, Florida 34482-1479 

You can email Kizzie using Jpay - you will need to select Florida and the ID 156715


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