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Nova and Ava Henry
In season two, Pure Evil is about the murder of Nova Henry and Ava by Frederick Goings in the state of Illinois. The love story of Eddy Curry and Nova Henry does not end well for Nova Henry and Ava.The two met when she filed for child support against a professional athlete. The two made great money doing so and became romantically involved. As often happens, when she opted to end the relationship, he retaliated by killing her and her daughter.

Frederick Goings was sentenced to Life without and is  ineligible for release.

His appeal, (see link) included:

The evidence adduced at trial may be summarized as follows.  On January 24, 2009, the victims,  Nova  Henry  (Henry)  and  her  daughter  Ava Curry,  were  found  shot  to  death  in  their  home.    Henry's  three-year-old  son,  Noah Curry,  was  also  in  the  home,  but  was  unharmed.    According to the testimony of Henry's mother, Yolan Henry (Yolan), Henry gave birth to Noah in  November  of  2005,  and  had  been  seeking  to  obtain  child  support  payments  from  the  child's  biological  father.    In  the  Fall  of  2006,  Henry  retained  the  defendant,  an  attorney,  to  handle  her  child  support  case.    Also  around  this  time,  Henry  began  a  relationship  with  the  defendant,  and  moved  in  with  him  at  his  home  in  Chicago.    Yolan  testified  that  Henry's  relationship  with  the  defendant was a tumultuous one, and that Henry suffered ongoing physical abuse at the hands of the  defendant  from  the  inception  of  the  relationship until  the  shootings.    The  couple  would  frequently  argue,  break  up, and  then  reconcile.    Yolan  stated  that,  in  early  2007, Henry  moved  out of the defendant's home and into her own apartment, but the defendant continued to visit her there.

This episode is described as a woman and her 10-month old daughter turn up dead and police are baffled as to who could commit such a crime

You can write to Frederick Goings at:
Frederick Goings

Frederick Goings M36022
Pontiac Correctional Center
P.O. Box 99
Pontiac, IL 61764

You can email Frederick using Jpay - you will need to select Illinois and use M36022

Take Away

While Nova Henry and Ava is dead, and Frederick Goings is serving Life without, there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a thought Pay attention to what people do with and to you. It is unprofessional and morally wrong to have a relationship with a client for an attorney. If he wanted to date her, he should have gotten another lawyer to take over the support case or kept the case and remained uninvolved. This speaks volumes about his character and entitlement. If someone who should not be dating you is, that's a huge red flag.

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