Old Habits Die Hard, Josephine Gray and Clarence Goode

Josephine Gray
In season three, episode 25, we see Old Habits Die Hard, the true story of the murder of Clarence Goode by Norman Stribbling. and the love story of Clarence Goode and Josephine Gray which doesn't end well for Clarence Goode. In essence, Josephine used an interesting combination of black magic and lovers to kill three husbands. To understand the story, it's easier to watch the show.

This show is described as Clarence Goode is found shot dead in his car on the sketchy side of town, leading to a sticky web of superstition..

Josephine Gray was convicted in 2002 and re-sentenced to the same forty year sentence in 2004. She is no longer in custody. She is likely still alive since only the good die young...

Take Away

If you hear a lot of rumors about a person, you should take them with a grain of salt, but make a mental note. Where there is smoke, there is often fire.

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