Millionaire Murder, Dionne Baugh and Lance Herndon

Lance Herndon
In season two, Millionaire Murder is about the murder of Lance Herndon by Dionne Baugh in the state of Georgia. The love story of Lance Herndon and Dionne Baugh does not end well for Lance Herndon. He was a very wealthy eligible bachelor who had no plans to settle down with one woman. He was honest and respectful about this with the women he dated. Dionne Baugh saw him as her "forever" guy and lost her mind when she realized that wasn't going to happen.

Dionne Baugh
Dionne Baugh was sentenced to ten years for manslaughter, served her time and has since been released. This story has been on Snapped and Fatal Attraction.

She keeps a very low profile.
This episode is described as Lance Herndon was known throughout Atlanta for being a successful businessman. But when his mother finds him bludgeoned to death one morning in his bedroom, no one can understand what Lance could have done to deserve such a graphic beating.

Dionne Baugh Mugshot

Take Away

While Lance Herndon is dead, and Dionne Baugh is serving , there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a thought No one wants to be played by a romantic partner. If someone is honest with you about their desire to not have an exclusive relationship, and you choose to stay, understand they are not leading you on. Decide if this is something you can live with and stay or leave according to your decision.

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