Law and Murder, Chancy Jones and Phyllis Malone

Phyllis Malone
In season three, episode 2, we see Law and Murder, the true story of the murder of Phyllis Malone by Chancy Jones. and the love story of Chancy Jones and Phyllis Malone which doesn't end well for Phyllis Malone.

This show is described as Chancy Jones and Phyllis Malone find love as a result of a domestic violence call when a body is discovered inside in Phyllis's vehicle. Chancy claims to have shot her because he believed she was going to hit him with the car, but the state alleges he shot her because she claimed to be pregnant (which she was not) and that she was going to tell his wife about their affair...

Chancy Jones was sentenced to 20 Years and is eligible for release on 10/26/30.

His appeal (see link) includes:

The State’s proof established that in the early morning hours of September 9, 2008,
a female was found dead inside a blue Chevrolet Impala at a Shell gas station located at 1709
Whitten Road in Memphis. Police officers who responded to the scene testified that the
victim appeared to have sustained three gunshot wounds. After finding the victim’s purse,
officers tentatively identified her as Phyllis Malone. This identification was later confirmed
through fingerprint analysis. Police officers did not find a weapon or shell casings at the
scene. Neither did they find the victim’s cell phone. Lieutenant Barry Hanks 1 of the
Memphis Police Department (“MPD”) testified that inside the victim’s purse he found a
three-page handwritten letter addressed to someone named “Chancy.” Lieutenant Hanks said
that the letter was unsigned, undated, and he could not tell whether it had been mailed. The
letter indicated that the victim had been to a doctor and was pregnant.

       Lieutenant Walter Davidson, MPD, notified the victim’s next of kin. He went to the
home of Ophelia Harris, one of the victim’s sisters. Lieutenant Davidson asked the victim’s
family whether they knew someone named “Chancy.” Harris told him that the victim had
been dating an “Officer Jones,” but she apparently did not know Officer Jones’ first name.
Later that same day, Harris told Lieutenant Davidson that she had spoken with her neighbor,
who was also a police officer, and that the neighbor had told her that he knew a police officer
named Chancy Jones.

You can write to Chancy Jones at:

Chancy Jones
Chancy Jones #00473109
P.O. Box 2000
Wartburg, Tennessee 37887

You can email Chancy using Jpay - you will need to select Tennessee and use the ID  00473109

Take Away

 Respect the right of other women to have a monogamous relationship. There's no reason on earth to date married men or people in a committed relationship. By their actions they are showing you they have zero character and their word means nothing.

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