Horror at the Hotel, Jamaal Jenkins and Destynee Burkes

In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Horror at the Hotel , is the story of the killing of Destynee Burkes by Jamaal Jenkins.

The love story between Tieyannie Dewitte Hollis and Destynee Burkes is compelling and tragic.

The show is described as a woman felt blessed to find true love, until she's found dead in a Florida
Jamaal Jenkins
Jamaal Jenkins
hotel room.

You can write to Jamaal Jenkins at:

Jamaal Jenkins 169494
​Apalachee Correctional Institution, East Unit
35 Apalachee Drive
Sneads, Florida 32460-4166

You can email Jamaal using Jpay - you will need to select Florida and the ID 169494

Take Away

Obviously, Destynee Burkes is dead and Jamaal Jenkins is serving 2 Life Sentences plus 15 years but there's more to learn. Be careful who you invite into you life. If you have a gut feeling about someone (and someone like Jamaal would make it scream) LISTEN to it, no matter how charming or handsome they are. Further, be careful about how you date as many other women have crazy exs who are equally violent.


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