Horror at the Holidays, Frederick Christian and Jerryell Foster

 Jerryell Foster
In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Horror at the Holidays, is the story of the killing of Jerryell Foster by Frederick Christian, . The love story between Frederick Christian, and Jerryell Foster is compelling and tragic.

The show is described as, Jerryell Foster doesn't show up for Thanksgiving dinner, causing her close-knit family to grow alarmed and to ask how she disappeared without a trace.

Frederick Christian

You can write to Frederick Christian, at:

Frederick Christian, 369990
North Branch Correctional Institution14100 McMullen Highway, SW
Cumberland, MD 21502

You can email Frederick using Jpay - you will need to select Maryland and use 369990

Take Away

Obviously, Jerryell Foster is dead and Frederick Christian, is serving Life in prison plus 20 years but there's more to learn. Coworkers testified she had bruises on her face and there was a history of violence. She told the same people she was going to kick him out, which is likely why he killed her. Never accept a relationship where violence occurs. There's no shame in finding yourself in an abusive relationship because frankly everyone puts their best foot forward in the beginning. The shame is 100 in staying once you know.


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