Harvard Homicide, Jabrai Copney and Brittany Smith

Justin Cosby
In season two, Harvard Homicide is about the murder of Justin Cosby by Brittany Smith in the state of Massachusettes. The love story of Jabrai Copney and Brittany Smith does not end well for Justin Cosby. Brittany pleaded guilty to several charges including accessory after the fact to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon though to Cosby's family she has never taken responsibility. Brittany and Jabrai were a couple and she allowed him to stay in her dorm room. She was literally days from graduation when Copney and friends decided to rob Cosby and instead killed him. She assisted them in fleeing the city after the fact.

Brittany Smith was sentenced to 3 years and is eligible for release in 2012.
Jabrai Copney was sentenced to life.

This episode is described as A young collegiate power-couple's romance is cut short when a young man is murdered in broad daylight on Harvard's campus.

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You can write to Brittany Smith at:
Brittany Smith
Brittany Smith F81697
​MCI Framingham
PO Box 9007
Framingham, MA 01701

You can email Brittany using Jpay - you will need to select Massachusetts and use F81697

You can write to Jabrai Copney at:
Jabrai Copney
Jabrai Copney W98501
NCCI Gardner
PO Box 466
Gardner, MA 01440

Take Away

While Justin Cosby is dead, and Brittany Smith is serving , there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a thought. You can never be too smart as a woman to pick a bad man. Why she choose to chase the thug life instead of focusing on her life and her goals, we'll never know. Don't be a Brittany.

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