Eye of the Storm, Emma Raines and Pastor Ernest Smith

In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Eye of the Storm is the story of the killing of Pastor Ernest Smith by Emma Raine, his wife at the time.

The love story between James Raines and Emma Smith is both scandalous and devilish. Once James was also killed, she became a suspect in her second husband's death.

The show is described as an assailant guns down a pastor, devastating his wife; detectives need to solve two decades worth of bloody secrets.

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Take Away

Obviously, Pastor Ernest Smith is dead and Emma Raine is serving Life Without but there's more to learn. If someone claims to be committed to any religion (your choice or otherwise), don't give them a free pass. They are committed to a God who can see and know all, and still they don't keep their word? Time to run, it's an act. Don't be foolish. Being a member of a religion doesn't make one a saint, anymore then standing in a garage makes you a car.

James Raines allegedly helped her kill her husband. If your lover kills your competition, how long until they kill you?


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