Devastating Disappearance, Derek Maner and Ericka Bradley

Ericka Bradley
In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Devastating Disappearance , is the story of the killing of Ericka Bradley by Derek Maner . The love story between Derek Maner and Ericka Bradley is compelling and tragic. For more then two years, the state claimed, Derek has stuck to the story that he last saw Ericka along the Augusta Highway where he left her after they had a fight. But the jury bought the prosecution's story that Derek hit Ericka with his car and ran her over, then destroyed her remains

Her infant, Ty Derrius Maner was in essence left an orphan. Her body has never been recovered.

The show is described as Ericka Bradley is a young mother with an infant son and a bright future ahead of her, then she disappears without a trace; police seek to piece together what happened to the missing woman.

Derek Maner
You can write to Derek Maner at:

Derek Maner #00333244
​Lieber Correctional Institution CB-0010-A
P.O. Box 205
Ridgeville, SC 29472

You can email Derek using Jpay - you will need to select South Carolina and use the ID  00333244

Take Away

Obviously, Ericka Bradley is dead and Derek Maner is serving Life Without but there's more to learn.If you are in an abusive relationship, with or without children together, get help and leave. It could save your life.

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