Dear Diary, Marshae Hickman and Candace Parchment

Candace Parchment
In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Dear Diary , is the story of the killing of Candace Parchment by Marshae Hickman . The love story between Derrick Bailey and Candice Parchment is compelling and tragic.

Candace did not hang out and party with boys. She only dated Derrick. She confided in him what had happened with Marshe. Derrick confronted him, which is what compelled him to kill Candace.

The show is described as after a 15-year-old girl vanishes from her home one night, the community searches for her while hunting for the individual responsible for her disappearance.

Marshae Hickman
You can write to Marshae Hickman at:

Marshae Hickman 1000649784
Telfair State Prison
P.O. Box 549
Helena, GA 31037

You can email Marshae using Jpay - you will need to select Georgia and the ID 1000649784

Take Away

Obviously, Candace Parchment is dead and Marshae Hickman is serving but there's more to learn.Sexual predators do not change or stop. If you are assaulted, report it. There are many organizations that can assist you with that process. You will save yourself and others from further damage.

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