Deadly Secret, Andrey Bridges and "Cece" Dove

Cece Dove
In season three, episode 4, we see Deadly Secret, the true story of the murder of "Cece" Dove byAndrey Bridges. and the love story of Andrey Bridges and "Cece" Dove which doesn't end well for "Cece" Dove.

his show is described as "Cece" Dove disappears after looking for love; the investigators discover the reason in a shocking way. Cece was a trans woman, also known as Carl Acuff.  There are different stories as to why she was killed, including she refused to give Andrey the money she had made that night working as a prostitute.

Andrey Bridges was sentenced to life and is ineligible for release.

His appeal includes (see link):

On April 17, 2013, the body of Carl Acoff, Jr. was found in a pond behind an  apartment  located  at  7168  McKenzie  Road,  in  Olmsted  Township.    Jeffrey  Bland,  who  was  living  at  the  McKenzie  Road  apartment  in  April  2013,  testified  that  he  first  noticed  something  floating  in  the  pond  the  day  before  the  body  was  found.    Bland thought it looked like clothes floating in the pond, which he explained would be normal because there were always various items and debris floating in the pond.    The next day, however,   the   object   was   closer   to   shore.      Bland  said  that  the  object  looked  like  a  mannequin because he thought he could see legs.    Bland called his boss, Paul Schmitt, to come over to look at it.    After Schmitt arrived, Bland threw a stick at the object.    When he  did,  “oils  came  out  of  the  crotch  area.”    Bland  and  Schmitt  called  the  police  at  that  point.  

You can write to Andrey Bridges at:

Andrey Bridges A650493
Belmont Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 540
St. Clairsville, Ohio 43950

You can email Andrey using Jpay - you will need to select Ohio and use the ID A650493

Take Away

Prostitution of any kind is a dangerous game. Between the danger from pimps and customers, money is simplly not worth the risk. Respect yourself and stay safe.

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