Deadly Obsession, Christopher Jackson and Keosha Gilmore

Keosha Gilmore
In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Deadly Obsession , is the story of the killing of Keosha Gilmore by Christopher Jackson .

The love story between Mark Finlay and Keosha Gilmore is compelling and tragic. They were going to get married two days after she was shot to surprise her parents. Christopher Jackson was a childhood friend how had a crush on her and was angry she chose to date someone else.

The show is described as when Keosha Gilmore is gunned down in a car with her boyfriend, police question whether there's more to their romance than meets the eye.

You can write to Christopher Jackson at:
Christopher Jackson

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Take Away

Obviously, Keosha Gilmore is dead and Christopher Jackson is serving Life with parole after 15 years but there's more to learn.In much the same way you dig yourself to look at how you are treating others, dig the people in your life. Are they hanging around frequently when they do not get much out of the relationship? Instead of inherently believing that everyone is a good person, check them and check yourself.


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