Cripped by Blood, Deshon R. Thomas Laquecia Herring and Sterling Connor

In season three, episode 26, we see Cripped by Blood, the true story of the murder of Laquecia Herring and Sterling Connor s by Deshon R. Thomas and the love story of Deshon R. Thomas and Laquecia which doesn't end well for Laquecia Herring and Sterling Connor

This show is described as An unthinkable tragedy of a brother and sister shot to death in their home uncovers shocking secrets. Laquecia  was holding her daughter when their bodies were found. The child is now being raised by her grandmother. Unfortunately, not pictures of the victims could be found, you can view Laqecia Shontel Herring's obituary here.

Deshon R. Thomas was sentenced to life and is not eligible for release. He is still claiming to be innocent. You can review a separate charge of distribution here.

You can write to Deshon R. Thomas at:

Deshon Thomas
Deshon Thomas N27493
Florida State Prison
Post Office Box 800
Raiford, FL 32083

You can email Deshon using Jpay - you will need to select Florida and the ID N27493

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