Campus Crisis, Michael Antonio Natson and Ardena Carter

In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Campus Crisis , is the story of the killing of Ardena Carter' by Michael Antonio Natson . The love story between Michael Antonio Natson and Ardena Carter' is compelling and tragic.

The show is described as, Ardena Carter's life resembles a fairy tale, but when she vanishes, the community must band together and find her before they lose her forever.

Michael was arrested by the FBI, tried in federal court and is serving a federal life sentence.

You can write to Michael Antonio Natson at:

Michael Antonio Natson 92529-020
FCI Williamsburg
8301 Highway 521
Salters, SC 29590

You can email Michael using Jpay - you will need to select District of Columbia and the ID 92529-020

Take Away

Obviously, Ardena Carter' is dead and Michael Antonio Natson is serving Life Without but there's more to learn. The couple started dated in February 2003 . In March Ardena discovered she was pregnant and told Michael, who immediately pulled away. There is no reason on earth to be having a baby with someone you've only known for one month. Further, at that point, you don't even know if someone might kill you for having a child. Common sense ladies, common sense. Keep yourself safe and wrap it up!


Natson v US Government (appeal) 


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