Burning Rage, Jamal Rogers and Latonya Bowman

Latonya Bowman
In season two, Burning Rage is about the murder of Latonya Bowman by Jamal Rogers in the state of Michigan. The love story of Jamal Rogers and Latonya Bowman does not end well for Latonya Bowman, as Jamal and his friend, Antonio Mathis attempted to kill her and set her on fire. She was resourceful enough to play dead, and testified against both.

She and Jamal had broken up, however she was pregnant with his child (who she later gave birth to, a boy). He did not want another child and enlisted his friend to assist in killing her. She survived the attack, thankfully.

The appeal (see link) includes:

The assailant drove Bowman to an unknown location. The assailant doused Bowman in lighter fluid and lit her on fire. Bowman managed to move the upper half of her body out of the car and tried to roll to put the flames out. While she did so, she heard two gunshots. She played dead, not knowing if she had been struck. She heard the footsteps of her assailant running away from the scene, and once she could no longer hear the footsteps, she managed to fully exit the vehicle and put out most of the flames. She was able to remove the tape binding her hands and, after removing the rest of her restraints and some clothing that would not stop burning, got back in the car. The keys were still in the ignition, so she started the car and drove away. After finding her bearings, she was able to drive to her mother's home, and her mother took her to the hospital.

Jamal Rogers was sentenced to Life and is not eligible for release.Antonio Mathis was also sentenced to life and is not eligible for release.

This episode is described as Latonya Bowman and Jamal Rogers were one month away of welcoming their baby boy into the world when Latonya is kidnapped, set on fire, shot, and left for dead.

You can write to Jamal Rogers at:

Jamal Rogers
Jamal Rogers 739811
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, MI 48446

You can email Jamal using Jpay - you will need to select Michigan and use 739811

Antonio Mathis
You can write to Antonio Mathis at:

Antonio Mathis 652121
Carson City Correctional Facility
10274 Boyer Road
Carson City, MI 48811-9746

You can email Antonio using Jpay - you will need to select Michigan and use 652121

Take Away

While Latonya Bowman is dead, and Jamal Rogers is serving Life, there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a thought Homicide is the leading cause of death in pregnant women. If you are having a baby with someone who insists they do not want a child, take proper precautions for your personal safety.


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