Blazed Outrage Towanna Brinkley and, Arthur Lee Sanford

Towanna Brinkley and Arthur Sanford
In season three, episode 29, we see Blazed Outrage, the true story of the murder of Arthur Lee Sanford by Towanna Brinkley. and the love story of Arthur Lee Sanford and Towanna Brinkley which doesn't end well forTowanna .

This show is described as a young, single mother meets a man, but their perfect life together ends in a criminal act. After killing Towanna by stabbing her seventeen times, he set himself and their apartment on fire. He does not recollect the events of that day, or so he claims. Some insist he is innocent because who would set themselves on fire and then ask seven years later about the case. He had just been released from prison after serving nineteen years for killing another woman. What are the odds?

Arthur Lee Sanford was sentenced to 40 years and is eligible for release on 06/16/2045.

You can write to Arthur Lee Sanford at:

Arthur Lee Sanford 1113860
Lawrenceville Correctional Center
1607 Planters Road
Lawrenceville, VA 23868

You can email Arthur using Jpay - you will need to select Virginia and use the ID  1113860

Take Away

Prisoners can be reformed, that's entirely possible, however one needs to use caution when entering a new relationship. Make sure you know about the new person's past - use google and DOC records.

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