Behind Locked Doors, Milton Taylor and Theresa Williams

Theresa Williams
In season seven of Fatal Attraction, Behind Locked Doors , is the story of the killing of Theresa Williams by Milton Taylor . The love story between Milton Taylor and Theresa Williams is compelling and tragic.

Williams was Milton's "side chick". When his current girlfriend told him to end all contact with her, he killed her. He had a hand written confession letter in his pocket when he was taken to the police station.

The show is described as Theresa Williams' sister feels in her heart that something is terribly wrong, then she arrives at Theresa's home to find her sister's two youngest children wandering around outside and Theresa brutally murdered behind locked doors

You can write to Milton Taylor at:

Milton Taylor #00194496
James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna, DE 19977

You can email Milton using Jpay - you will need to select Connecticut and the ID 00194496

Take Away

Obviously, Theresa Williams is dead and Milton Taylor is serving death but there's more to learn. Never be anyone's side. If you are the side piece, they are clearly telling you that you don't deserve respect or commitment. You can do better.

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