Bayou Bloodshed, Greg Harris and Chiquita Tate

Chiquita Tate
In season three, episode 15, we see Bayou Bloodshed, the true story of the murder of Chiquita Tate by Greg Harris. and the love story of Greg Harris and Chiquita Tate which doesn't end well for Chiquita Tate.

his show is described as An attorney that fell in love fast
Greg Harris
is found stabbed to death in her office, unraveling a twisted tale of love triangles. Greg now claims that Denard Duheart, a deceased ex-con is the actual killer of his wife.

Greg Harris was sentenced to 40 years and is eligible for release when he has served all forty years.

His appeal, see link, includes:

The victim, Chiquita Patrece Tate, worked as an attorney in the State National Life Building in Baton Rouge. She married the defendant on February 8, 2008, and lived with him in his home on Charry Drive in Baker. However, on January 12, 2009, the victim leased her own apartment.
The defendant worked as a carpenter for Group Contractors (Group). On February 5, 2009, his mortgage loan was placed "in default" for non-payment.1 On February 18, 2009, he asked the Executive Vice President of Group, Kirk Gavin Johnson, for a loan from the company. The defendant claimed he needed money to help his brother because he had been charged with murder. Johnson refused to give the defendant any money due to "economics" and because the defendant already had an outstanding loan from Group. The defendant's mother, Joyce M. Henderson, testified none of her sons were charged with murder in February of 2009.

On the morning of February 20, 2009, the victim's dead body was discovered in her office. She had suffered thirty-one stab wounds, i.e., wounds deeper in the body than longer on the skin's surface, including two fatal stab wounds to her neck. She also had twelve incised wounds, i.e., wounds longer on the skin's surface than deeper in the body, and had suffered blunt-force trauma. Long strands of hair were in the open palm of her left hand. She was still wearing her diamond engagement ring, her wedding ring, her watch and her diamond earrings, but her Gucci wallet was found lying on a road in the Gardere area on February 19, 2009, at approximately 10:30 p.m. Additionally, her computers, televisions, and keys to her Hummer II vehicle were not taken from her office. The victim was thirty-four years old at the time of her death.

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