A Wooded Path Exondia Salado and Manny Salado

Exondia and Manny Salado
In season three, episode 1, we see A Wooded Path, the true story of the murder of Manny Salado by Exondia Salado. and the love story of Manny Salado and Exondia Salado which doesn't end well for Manny Salado.

his show is described as Manny goes missing during his secret five year affair behind Exondia's back crushing their plans to get married..

When she spies on him while he's visiting the Domincan Republic, she finds he's been having another relationship for years. He turns up missing and she turns up with dirty clothing and in need of a bath. His body has never been found. She was tried for his murder without a body. Talk about a fatal attraction!

Exondia Salado was sentenced to Life w/o Parole and is eligible for release on Ineligible.

Her appeal (see link) includes:

Petitioner was convicted of the murder of her husband, Manuel Salado, in a jury trial conducted in the District Court of Oklahoma County, Case No. CF-2008-7550, from March 21 to 29, 2011. Several witnesses provided testimony at Petitioner's trial, including a friend of Petitioner's who testified Petitioner told her she had shot the victim in the chest with a pistol and later burned the victim's body, a co-worker of the victim who testified that prior to his disappearance the victim expressed the belief that his wife might try to kill him, and Petitioner's former boyfriend who testified Petitioner told him she had shot her husband while he was sleeping, dismembered his body, and burned his body in the woods.
Evidence obtained from a forensic search of a computer associated with Petitioner revealed "a host of internet searches on suspicious topics, including disembowelment, spousal murder, abduction, and an actual downloaded article entitled `Butchering the Human Body for Human Consumption.'" Response (Doc. # 11), Ex. 3 (Opinion), at 8. Finally, DNA evidence obtained from Petitioner's vehicle provided crucial evidence that "a biological child of [the victim's] mother" had been in the van, and investigators testified that the van had "very wet carpet and a strong odor associated with cleaning
 products." Id. at 9.

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You can write to Exondia Salado at:

Exondia Salado
Exondia Salado 637205
29501 Kickapoo Rd.
McLoud, OK 74851-8339

You can email Exondia using Jpay - you will need to select Oklahoma and use the ID 637205

Take Away

Men can be victims of domestic violence too! People will make jokes about it, but it's hardly funny. Ladies, keep your hands to yourself! Men, if you are being abused but don't want to call the police, leave. It could save your life.


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