A Shot in the Crowd Tyrone Bivins and Jessula Goulbourne

Tv One's Fatal Attraction, A Shot in the Crowd Season 9, Episode 4 is about Tyrone Bivins and
Jessula Goulbourne in the state of Florida . This ends badly for Jessula Goulbourne as she ends up dead and Tyrone Bivins ends up in prison for 25 years for manslaughter.

TV One describes this episode as: When a 21-year-old woman is shot dead in a bad part of town, police have to find out if it was simply gang related or perhaps a twisted love triangle; it isn't until two terrified young women come forward that the case breaks wide open.


You can write to Tyrone Bivins at:

Tyrone Bivins M67281
​South Bay Correctional Facility
600 U.S. Highway 27 South
South Bay, Florida 33493-2233

You can email Tyrone using Jpay - you will need to select Florida and the ID M67281

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