A Plot to Kill, Monique Kitts and Corey Kitts

Corey Kitts
On season four of Fatal Attraction, A Plot to Kill is the true story of the murder of Corey Kitts by Monique O. Kitts and the love story of Corey Kitts and Monique O. Kitts. This story ends badly for Corey Kitts.

Monique Kitts
Monique O. Kitts was sentenced to life, without the
possibility of parole. Corey Kitts' family members were happy with the verdicts and sentencing.

The show is described as A charming Romeo with a killer sense of humor is brutally murdered. Monique was not cheating at the time of the murder. Her incentive to kill was purely financial as she had hoped to collect on his life insurance policy. She hired Karl Michael Howard of Georgia to kill her husband. Corey Knox was the hitman's getaway driver.
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You can write to Monique O. Kitts at:

Monique O. Kitts
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Corey Knox
 Corey Knox - coming soon

Karl Howard
Karl Howard - coming soon


Life insurance policies are not a method for generating income. Watch any three crime shows about murder and you'll see, you'll get caught. Just say no to murder.

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