Tragic Rebound, Christopher Lamont Hampton and Tamika Huston

Tamika Huston
In season two, Tragic Rebound is about the murder of Tamika Huston by Christopher Lamont Hampton in the state of South Carolina. The love story of Christopher Lamont Hampton and Tamika Huston does not end well for Tamika Huston. The argued passionately over money when he struck her in the head with a hot iron, killing her.

According to Go Upstate, Christopher Hampton isn’t a monster even though he killed Tamika Huston with a hot iron, he told the Herald-Journal in an exclusive interview Monday.The two had been in an intense argument over money when he picked up the iron and threw it, striking Huston on the head and killing her, Hampton said.

Christopher Lamont Hampton was sentenced to life without parole and is not eligible for release.

This episode is described as a beautiful young singer goes missing, leading law enforcement down different paths to search for answers.

You can write to Christopher Lamont Hampton at:

Christopher Lamont Hampton
Christopher Lamont Hampton #00314697
BRCI MO-0237-A
4460 Broad River Road
Columbia, SC 29210

You can email Christopher using Jpay - you will need to select South Carolina and use the ID  00314697

Take Away

While Tamika Huston is dead, and Christopher Lamont Hampton is serving , there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a though. Even though we can't bring Tamika back, you can find other missing black women by working with Black and Missing. Visit the website here.

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