Thicker Than Water, Carlo Simpson Shikhira Dunson

Shikhira Dunson
Thicker Than Water is the story of the murder of Shikhira Dunson by Carlo Simpson and the love story of Carlo and Shikhira . Neither of these true stories turns out well for Shikhira.

Carlo Simpson is convicted of murder, feticide, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and sentenced to two consecutive life terms plus five additional years. He is not eligible for release.

TV One describes this episode in Season five as Shikhira Dunson seemingly has it all until a shot rings out and turns her dreams to dust..

You can write to Carlo Simpson at:

Carlo Simpson
Carlo Simpson 1001537483
Macon State Prison
P.O. Box 426
Oglethorpe, GA 31068

You can email Carlo  using Jpay - you will need to select Georgia and use ID 1001537483


Obviously, Shikhira did not deserve to die. She did make bad choices - to have two children with a man who abused her. Having children makes it more difficult to leave, and repeats the cycle of abuse. If you are being abused, use birth control and do everything possible to get away safely.

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