Lavish Lies, Thomas Randolph and Sharron Randolph

Randolph and Jackson
On season four of Fatal Attraction, Lavish Lies is the true story of the murder of Sharron Randolph by Thomas Randolph and the love story of Thomas Randolph and Sharron Randolph. This story ends badly for Sharron Randolph.

Thomas Randolph was sentenced to Life, without the possibility of parole. Randolph killed his first wife by hiring a hitman to shoot her. He collected on her life insurance and lived large for a long time. He was very elderly when he was finally charged and convicted. He is currently deceased.

The show is described as Thomas is attacked by a gunman who kills his wife; two shocking co-conspirators are exposed by the detectives. Jackson, who was his girlfriend at the time was not convicted for the murder of Sharron. She was convicted on fraud charges and served nine years. No worries, the universe is always watching and karma takes notes.

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