Hell Hath No Fury Elicia Hughes and Brian Hughes

Elicia Hughes
In season two, Hell Hath No Fury is about the murder of Brian Hughes by Elicia Hughes in the state of Mississippi. The love story of Brian Hughes and Elicia Hughes does not end well for Brian Hughes.This case is likely the most roller coaster show on this series. She was convicted once and sentenced to life, won an appeal based on racism and was acquitted of the charge of murder.

Elicia Hughes was sentenced to life and later acquitted. She is not in custody.

This episode is described as The picture perfect marriage of high-school sweethearts, Brian and Elicia, is shattered after a disturbing crime. Brian allegedly had two girlfriends and was insured for 260k, which Elicia collected. Faye Peterson, the prosecutor remains convinced the jury got it wrong and she is in fact guilty.

Take Away

While Brian Hughes is dead, and Elicia Hughes is serving , there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a thought. Being a fan of crime shows is a popular past time. Things are not always what they seem. When it comes to some murders, the only people who will ever know for sure are the victim, the killer, and God. That's just how life works.

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