Fallen Hero Denise Elverious Miller and Jonathan Wayne Irby

Jonathan Wayne Irby
In season two, Fallen Hero is about the murder of Jonathan Wayne Irby by Denise Elverious Miller in the state of Texas. The love story of Wayne Irby and Denise Miller does not end well for Jonathan Wayne Irby or Denise Miller as she shoots him dead and fails at a suicide attempt by shooting herself in the head in a hotel room.

Denise Elverious Miller was sentenced to 62 years and is eligible for release in 2066. While she claimed self defense and abuse, he was shot in the back of the head. Of the many notes she left, she had said it was accidental. The two were in the process of breaking up after a tumultuous two year relationship.

This episode is described as Denise falls for a man in uniform and when they become missing, the man's fellow officers investigate. Killing a police officer is never a good idea as the criminal justice system will come for you.

Her appeal (see link) includes:

In December 2004, Miller lived at 2604 Elk Horn in Little Elm, Texas (the AElk Horn [email protected]).  Miller shared the Elk Horn home with her two high-school -aged children and Little Elm police officer Jonathan Wayne Irby.  When Officer Irby failed to report for his 6:00 a.m. shift and failed to call in on December 10, his fellow officers became worried because it was unusual for Officer Irby to miss work and unusual for him to not call in.  Little Elm police officers James Wynn and Jerry Walker attempted to contact Officer Irby on his cell phone on numerous occasions that morning but to no avail.  After failing to reach Officer Irby on his cell phone, Officer WalkerCwho worked for the Little Elm Police Department as a school resource officer at the Little Elm High SchoolCspoke with Miller=s daughter, W.M., and son, W.M., Jr. at the high school.  W.M. and W.M., Jr. gave Officer Walker a pass code to the Elk Horn home garage, and Officer Walker relayed that pass code to Officer Wynn and Officer Cruljack.

Officer Wynn arrived at the Elk Horn home around 9:30 a.m.  He saw Officer Irby=s squad car across the street from the house, but he could not see or hear anything inside the house.  Officer Wynn used the pass code that Officer Walker had received from W.M. and W.M., Jr. to enter the Elk Horn home garage.  Once inside the Elk Horn home, Officer Wynn did not find anyone but did discover Officer Irby=s prescription sunglasses, which Officer Irby customarily had with him.  After completing the welfare check at the Elk Horn home, Officer Wynn continued answering calls and doing routine patrol work. 

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You can write to Denise Elverious Miller at:

Denise Elverious Miller
Denise Elverious Miller # 01382373
Murray Unit
1916 North Hwy. 36 Bypass
Gatesville, TX 76596

You can email Denise using Jpay - you will need to select Texas and use the ID  01382373

Take Away

While Jonathan Wayne Irby is dead, and Denise Elverious Miller is serving 62 years, there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a thought. Some people will just make you crazy and push all your buttons. I've seen couples made up of two good people who were simply the worst for each other. Love shouldn't make your life worse, if you are that unhappy, learn how to be single.


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