Death Trap, Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray and Leon Baucham

Death Trap is the story of the murder of Leon Baucham by Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray and the love story of Leon and Umeko. Neither of these true stories turns out well for Leon Baucham.

Umeko Roberts was Jackie's daughter. She chose to marry Leon, who was a good father figure for her son from a previous relationship, unseating Jackie from a parental role in the boy's life. Umeko returned to work and had an affair with a co-worker. Upon discovering racy text message, Leo slapped his wife, as people often do in the heat of passion and betrayal. Jackie arranged to have Leo killed because of this despite his being the father of her grandchildren.

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray is convicted of and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

TV One describes this episode in Season five as Leon is found dead in the back country with a gunshot wound in his back..

You can write to Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray at:

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray
Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Ray 372558
Washington Corrections Center For Women
9601 Bujacich Rd. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332-8300

You can email Jacqueline using Jpay - you will need to select Washington and use the ID  372558


Parents need to stay out of their children's relationships. Umeko was a grown woman who choose to be unfaithful and should have been grown enough to deal with the consequences. A parent's role changes once your children grow up.

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