Death by Secrets, Carlton Champion and Ty Underwood

Ty Underwood
Death by Secrets is the story of the murder of Ty Underwood by Carlton Champion and the love story of Carlton and Ty . Neither of these true stories turns out well for Ty.

Carlton Champion is convicted of Murder and sentenced to Life . Ty Underwood was a transgender woman, which Carlton was not aware of. When he found out he was terrified of what his teammates would think and do.

TV One describes this episode in Season five as Detectives investigate the discovery of a beautiful nursing student found shot to death inside her car..

You can write to Carlton Champion at:

Carlton Champion 2037246
Coffield Unit
2661 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX 75884

You can email Carlton using Jpay - you will need to select Texas and use the ID  2037246



There's outrage in the LGBTQ community about how trans women are being killed in droves. This is simply not true. Many are killed working as prostitutes, when prostitutes get killed on a regular basis. In this instance the murder was solved and the killer convicted. Don't believe the hype. This is a sensetive topic, but know the facts. If you are trans, be honest about your status when dating.


Champion v Texas

You can view this episode here.

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