Budding Bloodshed, Tiffany James and Antawn Wolford

Tiffany James
In season two, Budding Bloodshed is about the murder of Antawn Wolford by Tiffany James in the state of Texas. The love story of Antawn Wolford and Tiffany James does not end well for Antawn Wolford.She was sentenced to prison for manslaughter as the jury believed her story of self defense.

Tiffany James was sentenced to 9 years and is eligible for release
Antawn Wolford
in 2021.

This episode is described as An argument between two lovers leads to a tragic death.

You can write to Tiffany James at:

Tiffany James # 02253338
Marlin Unit
2893 State Highway 6
Marlin, TX 76661-6588

You can email Tiffany using Jpay - you will need to select Texas and use the ID  02253338

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Take Away

While Antawn Wolford is dead, and Tiffany James is serving 9 years, there are lessons here for anyone willing to it a thought. Domestic violence not only kills the victim, but affects children and those left behind when someone dies. If you are being abused, leave, get out - go to a shelter. Tiffany has lost nine years of her life which while better then dying, is unfortunate. If she could speak, I'm positive she would tell you leaving is better then prison.

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