A Devil in Uniform Zachary Littleton and Samira Watkins

Samira Watkins
In season 1, espisode 5, the love story of Zachary Littleton and Samira Watkins is shown. This does not end well for Samira as she ends up dead.

The show is titled, A Devil in Uniform, and is described as: Samira Watkins had fallen hard for naval officer, Zachary Littleton. But when Samira inexplicably goes missing, the search to find her would unveil a tightly wound web of secrets and lies. And when this web begins to unravel, it exposes a hidden evil that will tear a family apart.

She vanished and her body was found in a duffle bag near a naval base. Zachary was convicted of her murder and sentenced to life. As recently as July of 2019, he insists he is innocent of her murder. In an interview with CBS, he stated "They sentenced me to life in prison. Natural life. In the state of Florida, there's no parole – life is life," Littleton says. "I did not kill Samira Watkins." Samira's family participated in an interview providing insight into who Samira was and how much they loved her. You can read that article here.

You can write to Zachary Littleton at:

Zachary Littleton, A50714
Graceville Correctional Facility
5168 Ezell Rd.
Graceville, FL 32440

You can email Zachary using Jpay - you will need to select Florida and the ID A50714

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